Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010 Theme

It's that time again.  Many of the Halloween bloggers I read never really stop creating, or maybe only for Nov. and Dec., but I just don't reach that level of dedication.

But about the time I get tired of planting things in the yard (which, "coincidentally" is when the humidity exceeds the  temperature outside), is when I begin dreaming of cooler days, ie: autumn, and all that goes with it.  It's when I start making the rounds of yard sales with an eye towards items for Halloween.

I've lucked up, I think, and will be meeting with a gal on Fri. and buying all her Halloween decor.  I know it consists of a small skeleton,  a 4' long casket, mummy parts and skeleton parts that look as if the bodies are breaking through the ground, and various wigs, masks, candleholders, and indoor items.  She's moving to South America in the fall, and they don't celebrate Halloween down there.  I found her ad on craigslist, and she's holding the items for me until I can come get them.  Heaven knows where I'm going to store a small casket, as the garage is already bulging, so I may have to check out a few storage facilities.  Between the Christmas bins (15) and things that don't fit, and the Halloween bins (7) and things that don't fit in a bin, I believe I have just cause to rent a cheap an inexpensive storage room.  She's holding the items just for me; said it's only fitting that her treasures should go to the woman known in her neighborhood as "The Halloween Lady."  I'm tickled pink.  Or orange.

Of course, it doesn't compare with what most of those in blogland are doing--I stand in awe!  But then again, I do okay for a one-woman show.  Besides, I love getting ideas and tips from everyone else.

Oh, the theme for this year:  Gypsy Curse.  I'm still mulling it all over, but have mentioned it to a couple of friends and the ideas are beginning to flow my way.  We're on the lookout for one of those small wall-less tents--the ones with 4 posts and a roof.  If I can't find one to borrow, maybe I'll snag one at an end-of-season sale.  Draped with black sheets, and an overlay of red ones, some jars of potions, hubby's crystal ball, an old, dusty book, baubles with ghostly charms, a palm with an eye in it, some Tarot cards, some of Pumpkinrot's witch jars to light the path...

Getting excited!