Friday, November 13, 2009


This weekend, it all gets packed away. Finally.

Of course, it has to come down first:

the black curtains throughout the house,  the creepy cloth, the (previously) bloody shower curtain,

the foam pumpkins,

the various and sundry items that have become so much a part of the decor, I almost don't see them anymore.

Most of it has been residing in various piles in the garage, waiting for a relatively warm, uncommitted offday to sort it out and pack it away.... somewhere. 

I seem to have acquired more than I thought.  For the first time, some of the garden/outdoor items are going into the crawl space.

Hmmm.  Maybe it'd be easier just to set things up down there next year.


  1. It does seem to have a way of multiplying from year to year. :D

  2. well, you know there are people who leave their Christmas lights up all year.....I guess you could do that for Halloween........

  3. course then you wouldn't have a place to put your 25 tubs of Christmas decorations!!

  4. Ah, I know how you feel when your collection has to be put to bed :( Sad times for all of us.