Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Got Nothin'

I'm afraid postings here are gonna be lean(er) for the next few weeks.  I am a Halloween nut, but I'm also a Christmas nut. What can I say?  They run neck and neck for my favorite holiday.

And I just can't blend the two. 

Unless I get something really cool under the tree--like my first Bucky skeleton!

Otherwise, see you folks in about a month.


  1. hubby always comes up with these "neat" santa on a crucifix.....or a witch on top of a tree....or.....

    well, what can I say, he's an original Humbug!! (although that's changed a bit with the kids)

    But I have to tell ya, our painted pumpkins are STILL out front...and while they're in the spot I planned for my brand spanking new angel....I might consent to leave em there and move her long as I can find a place for the 8' blowup Santa...and the creche I'm gonna buy......oh and lights.....should I put the christmas lights across the pumpkins too??