Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Giveaway

Have you been here?

Halloween Queen\

It's a group of Halloween Artists who are giving away 31 prizes in October--one a day.  There are some really intriguing gifts and all you need to do is describe your favorite Halloween tradition.  For more entries you can post on your blog and shout out on Facebook.

Unfortunately neither Bean nor Shellhawk are part of that group, because their work is outstanding and I have purchased items myself.  Maybe next year, ladies?

And look! I won a giveaway over at The Candy Corn ChroniclesThe Pumpkin Girl

I have lots of repurposed items for Halloween, and my share of the commercial stuff, too.  But more and more, I'm collecting handmade items of the holiday, and when I'm too old and decrepit to get out and haunt the yard, I will set up my little display in my nursing home windowsill and admire them from my rocker while I remember the good old days.


  1. oh Good! that little casket will be perfect for your SNF windowsill tableau.....


  2. I love your attitude! ...set up your display in your nursing home windowsill..... Absolutely love it!!

    email me your addy so I can get your Little Pumpkin Girl mailed out to you.

  3. I like the way you think girl!

    I came here on Finn's recommendation (Pieces from my Scrapbag blog) and I'm so glad I did!! Who knew (or even thought to look) there were blogs dedicated to Halloween year round? Yippee!!! Another way to feed my demons ;- )