Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quick Question

I have the opportunity to buy 2 skeletons off Craigslist:

The seller says the skeletons are moveable, but not poseable--there must be some support to keep their positions.  He says he has 2 of these skeletons in his graveyard scene and gets a lot of stop-and-lookers, and he thinks it's the skeletons.  He will come down to $165.00 for these two new skeletons and will deliver them to me this weekend.  Actually, he offered (via email) to do it tonight, but I'm a little cautious.

Based on the photos and his description of the dudes, height and weight, do you think this is a good deal?  Hubby's reluctant, as I've spent a lot this year already, but I think this would be worth it.

Advice? Opinions?  Anything more I should ask this guy?


  1. looks and sounds like bucky skeletons...fair price, esp. if this guy is going to deliver them.

  2. you gonna have a skeleton sitting at the table next to your victims?? :-)