Saturday, October 31, 2009

In the Midst and in The Mist

The rain has gone from a drizzle to a steady, candle-snuffing precipitation.  The bush-shaking monster is in a continuous roar from the movement of the plants in front of it. 

J-Man has long gone to watch TV in the bedroom, tired of having to stop the movie over and over again while I calm the dog and answer the door.

Nox Arcana is playing  only to the night --ToTs are few and far between now.  The spotlights are still on, and the tiki torches are putting up a brave front, but they may have to give up the ghost soon.

The Mist is on TV, I have a stack of more DVDs to watch, and I'm on a sugar high from dipping into the candy cauldron. (I forgot to eat supper.)


Happy Halloween, All!

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