Monday, October 26, 2009

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Worked last night, and now I'm off until next Tuesday. I spent some time in the yard after waking up, and have the cornstalks up,  along with the tiki torches.  It was hard to get much done, as the neighbors and dog-walkers had to stop and chew the fat, while I chomped at the bit.  (How's that for mixing metaphors?)

I'm not one for cutesy stuff at Halloween, but I did stumble upon some plastic pumpkin lights on stakes at a yard sale.  A drainage ditch runs under the edge of my driveway, and as there are no street lights, I don't want anyone tumbling over the side, so I rigged those up in a hurry along one side of the driveway.  Just gotta make sure no one trips over the power cords. The other side is much more of a drop-off with little ground to make use of.  I'm not sure what I'll put there to prevent accidents. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be hard rain all day and most of the night, so it'll be inside preparations only.  I need to put another layer on the paper mache hands for Samara and the spare hands, and it's time to get the dremel wannabe out to carve the tombstones.  Maybe some pumpkins will get carved, too. 

I need more time!

(Photos here are from years past) (And no, that's not me.)

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  1. still haven't sewn my ghost costumes....maybe Thursday??