Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My tennis shoes and socks are wet and my toes are cold.  I've been out trying to position the lighting and decide what else I need before Sat. The tombstones are not out, there are no jack-o-lanterns yet, the tiki torches aren't lit, and I haven't done a trial run with the fogger. I'm going to change the kitchen window and Samara is not ready, nor is the ghostly person I decided to make at the last minute (a little eye-rolling, please).

But boy, do I like the effect I'm getting here:

I'm thinking I need another red spotlight a little closer to the "X", but so far, the creepiness is just what I want. There are tiki torches on each side of the X that will be lit Halloween night.  (Dry run tomorrow night.)
 There is some rearranging yet to be done, but this is the woodpile left from taking the tree down.  Remember?

I moved it to the left of the stump right next to the driveway, and the 'barrow of bones is on the right as you're looking at it.

Big Lots had a lot of their summer stuff marked way down back in September, and they had these tacky-looking "grape" lights with a couple of grape leaves at each "cluster" along the strand.  I bought two red strings and two green ones.  Then I took one of the red strands, unclustered them, and spread them out underneath the logs.  It's hard to see here (I must learn to master night photography!), but it looks like glowing embers when you're right there. 

Maybe this will help you picture it a little better:

I realize the lights are all blurry, but now you can see where the woodpile is. 

I was going to add the second strand of red lights to the woodpile, but now I'm wondering if maybe I should encircle the base of the "X" with them instead, or just rely on the one red spotlight and the tiki torches on either side which will be lit that night.

Any opinions?  Suggestions?


  1. Looks great! I love the "fire".

    I find that using a tri-pod and a timer helps me get better pictures sometimes. Then you can hit the button, walk away for a minute, and not even touch the camera while it's shooting a long exposure.

  2. my little camera has a night setting that's good.

    what's the theme here?