Monday, October 19, 2009

Resuming intermittent countdown

I must admit to being disappointed that I won't get to do all the things I wanted for this year's Halloween celebration, but there was no way to predict illness.  The party must be postponed until next year, and the prop-building will be minimal.

On a rare break from the hospital last week, I put up a few more items in the house (more to cheer myself up than hubby), and got a little bit done yesterday.  It's become apparent I need MORE STUFF.  I did order one of Shellhawk's jack-o-lanterns (can you spot it?) and tonight ordered some of Bean's baby jack-o-lanterns. 

Here are a few inside photos:

On the TV in the guest room

On top of the china cabinet in the dining room.  I bought the styrofoam wig heads to corpse, but won't have the time.  This reminds me of the "Wicked" posters.

Gotta love that creepy cloth--all of $1.00 from the Dollar Store. I went back and bought the last 5 packages, but haven't put them up yet.

The skull's eyes light up at intervals when you press a button.  Dumb, but fun.

I didn't realize how much I would like the brass candlestick look.  Got it at a yard sale this summer along with the twisty black ones, and I think I'm gonna keep my eyes open for more.

Gargoyles also from the dollar store. If the organ were in better shape, it could really be effective.

The fall tablerunner and potpourri will come off this weekend.  Got the "bleeding candles" from Spirit, who left my "glass grabber creatures" out of the shipment.

I need to print out some labels and rearrange this a bit, but it shows promise in my kitchen.   hehehe.

 I'm finding it difficult to get much done, unfortunately. Maybe after some of these doctor appointments have passed....


  1. Half the fun is figuring out how to make things creepy, isn't it? hehehe

  2. T decorations look great! I would love to find some creepy labels to print out too...

  3. That is looking great! I love the bleeding candles-pretty spooky.:)